a. Trade Services Management (Alternative Investment and Commodities Trading):
Among the entities in the consortium is an institutional trading platform involved in trading non-speculative, non-volatile products with high gearing on an arbitrage basis for high yield returns or project development funding purposes.

b. Energy Production, Transmission and Distribution:
Working closely with established industry players, Mabkon has developed unique sources of clean, eco-friendly energy for both domestic and industrial application on an off-grid basis with the capacity to meet the entire electricity requirement of whole communities, sustainably and more cost-effectively than the method of electricity production and delivery previously available to the partner communities we work with.

c. Investment and Private Banking:
In furtherance of its strategic objectives, Mabkon is currently in discussions to acquire a large majority stake in a UK Investment and Private Bank with a 20 year track record. Mabkon intends to grow this platform and provide tailor made products and services to private individuals and banks globally. In particular, Mabkon has developed its own proprietary processes and solutions to empower emerging market clients and promote financial inclusion through the use of structured and micro financing products.

d. Real Estate Financing and Management:
Mabkon is working on establishing a multi-billion dollar real estate fund to address the acute shortages in quality, affordable accommodation in both the private and public sectors in many countries. The fund will be deployed to develop affordable real estate for assured tenancies and to provide long term mortgages with repayment structures that are not currently consistently and widely available to clients across the emerging markets.

e. Dredging and Land Reclamation:
Our research shows that there is poor availability of dredging equipment in Nigeria. We aim to be the provider to satisfy the unmet demand by providing state of the art dredging equipment (Hopper Dredgers) in Nigeria and beyond for:

Channelization, Oil & Gas Exploration, Housing Development, Port Maintenance and Land Reclamation.

f. Industrial Production and Manufacturing:

g. Agriculture: